Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Schedule of Doom

Alright, so for some reason, I can't transfer the table I made on Word to I'm just going to list this out the old fashion way.

While creating this schedule, I've realized that completing the video exactly the way that I have imagined is going to leave me very VERY pressed for time. Naturally, I'm a little worried about this because I have two extra classes and club events to plan...not to mention eating a sleeping.

To remedy this, I've created a "PLAN B" schedule, which encompasses my entire film. For right now, I'm going to cut off the short when the groom glares at the bride after realizing that she bit off his mouth. She giggles, and the credits role. If, for some strange reason, I'm able to complete these scenes at a faster pace, then I will refer to my PLAN B, which has plenty of extra animation for me to complete.

In this way, I'll be able to finish the scenes that are necessary for my short first...and hopefully, be able to add on more depending on how the remaining of the term turns out.

Wish me luck!


Thursday February 5-Sunday February 8:

  1. Research Kisses
  2. Animate "First Kiss"
  3. Rough Backgrounds
  4. Key "pull apart"

  1. Animate "pull apart".
  2. Key "shrug and laugh".

Monday February 9-Sunday February 15:
  1. Animate "pull apart".
  2. Key "shrug and laugh".
  1. Animate "shrug and laugh".
  2. Key close ups of "bite" and "kiss".
Monday February 16-Sunday February 22:
  1. Animate "shrug and laugh".
  2. Key close ups of "bites" and "kiss".
  1. Animate close ups.
  2. Finish rough animation.
  3. Begin clean up.
Monday February 23-Sunday March 1:
  1. Finish animating close-ups.
  2. Start cleaning up and coloring.
  1. Finish clean up.
  2. Start color.
  3. Rough in "second kiss".
Monday March 2-Sunday March 8:
  1. Finish cleaning up and coloring.
  2. Add sound.
  1. Finish color.
  2. Rough in "tap" and "close up".
  3. Ink extra scenes.
Monday March 9-Wednesday March 11:
  1. Finish tweaking and what not.
  2. Export last minute then die from exhaustion.
  1. Color extra scenes.
  2. Finish Tweaking.
  3. Add sound.
  4. Export last minute then die from exhaustion.

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  1. It's all too common that people make the fatal mistake of not calculating in the time it takes to die from exhaustion after all of this is done.