Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groom Turn Around

This bloke doesn't have a name either! So far, my friend Brittany and I came up with "Bob and/or John, the poor dude who gets his face bitten off."


Yeah...you try coming up with a decent name at 1am!

For some reason, I've been in some kind of drawing "funk" all day. It took forever before I could find some decent poses for this guy! Nonetheless, I'm still happy how the overall thing turned out! Notice how the comparison in size was "recycled" from the bridal character sheet! I'm still not sure if I want to keep her so short, or if I want cut off the groom's feet so they could at least reach each other for a kiss. Ha ha!

Speaking of kisses and horrible drawings, behold the awkwardness! The idea of her standing on a stool was also concocted by Brittany and I during the wee hours of Wednesday morning. We thought it would be cute if she had to jump up and grab his collar in order to kiss him...but now it really does look like she's eating his face.


Note to self: Research A LOT of kissing scenes before attempting to draw the darn thing on your own, let alone at 1am...

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