Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want to rip my nose off and drown it in a jar...

This cold is just not letting up. Super special lame times.

Haven't really achieved much since Monday...I've been working on my 2D Char II assignment which I've completely restarted. I was able to get a lot finished last night with very few hours of sleep in hand. Now it's just a matter of plowing through until the end of the week.

I'm still working on the first kissing scene. Key frames are sloppily done and I'm slowly muddling through the in-betweens.

Note to self: Save yourself a headache, and animate the bride and groom on separate levels, yo.

Oh yes, and Happy Early V-day everyone! I probably won't be participating in any of the usual chocolaty festivities due to the rather large chain connecting me to this cintique.

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  1. I hope your cold lets up soon! You will prevail.