Monday, February 9, 2009

Already Behind!

Gah, first weekend of my schedule was an absolute FAIL. Leave it to me to arrange for the hardest scene to animate during the one weekend I choose to be practically bedridden. I rarely get sick to begin with, so that was an extra burn.

Nonetheless, I did manage to finish my animatic. Something I never even considered scheduling in the first place, so that's something I happened to accomplish right? RIGHT?

I'm sick because I was stressed and now I'm stressed because I'm sick.

Hey...don't these crappy drawings look familiar? Why, it's a cheap rendition of my storyboards! O m O;;


  1. Seems like its going around, because I was just sick too... :-( Still getting over it and I am behind in my projects. Bah.
    You little storyboard animation is cute though. I know you'll pull through and that the finished product will be wonderful.

  2. It looks great so far, however I think you could slow the pacing down a little. There are a few moments that I want to take time and enjoy but I can't because the scene has already moved on. But then again, I know that time is of the essence, so I guess it's more important to get it done at this point.