Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I love dark fairytales. Absolutely. I feel it's the perfect foil to my usual bubbly self. Although some of this isn't 2D Animation, I thought I'd post the videos anyway to illuminate the darker side of my moon.

Shockheaded Peter

Alright, this one is pretty disturbing, not to mention long. The beginning is a montage of the entire stage production, which is contains very vivid imagery, creepy music, and amazing stage and costume design. I really love this show because of it's really looks like concept art come to life! The puppetry is also nothing to sniff at.

If you don't have a lot of time, I suggest skipping forward to 3:14 to view a preview of the actual show. Shockheaded Peter is a stage adaption of a series of German folk tales called Der Struwwellpeter. Believe it or not, these stories were actually written for children! Not your typical "Hansel and Grettel", Shockheaded Peter isn't afraid to show what becomes of bad little boys and girls!


I adore this movie! It's very whimsical and surrealistic I think. Definetly not as dark as some of the other videos, but I think it's a great film for some incredible animation and storytelling!


I'm sure everyone and their mothers' have seen this trailer already, but I'll post it anyway. I love the transitions between Coraline's normal life and the new one behind the door. Though I don't know much about the story, I'm very excited to see this film! Amazing color schemes, character animation, and plot! It definetly draws the audience in...

Fantasia 2000: Steadfast Tin Soldier

I'm a huge fan of Hans Christian Anderson's works! The Steadfast Tin Soldier is one of my favorite stories, and although Disney didn't keep the sad ending, I still fairly enjoy this video. I want to say that it's a mixture between 2D and 3D? Either way, who doesn't love toys?

Howl's Moving Castle

Whenever I'm feeling melancholy or nostalgic, I watch this movie with a cup of hot tea in hand. Another whimsical fantasy, I really admire the character animation, color, and growth of both Howl and Sophie. I want to make empowering films like this one day.

Shirley Bassey: Get This Party Started

Alright, so it's not an animation, but it is inspiration nonetheless! I've always found mirrors very creepy and mysterious as a child. They continue to fascinate me to this very day! In fact, I have severall stories written about mirrors on my other blog, if anyone is interested.

If you don't know Shirley should. Although she's doing a rendition of Pink's Get the Party Started, Bassey is an amazing singer! Heard of James Bond? She's sung most of the classic themes!

Little Nemo

An oldie, but a goodie! This movie terrified me as a child, but I absolutely adore it now! It has a lot in common with Howl's I think, in terms of color and design...or maybe it's just the circus theme? Ha ha!

The Thief and the Cobbler: Re cobbled Cut

Though I don't like the actual "musical" film that's on sale now, this "recobbled" addition is very nice. I just love how smooth and detailed all of the animation is! It's absolutely ridiculous!

Wow! A lot of these didn't turn out to be so dark after all! Maybe I just can't hide my colorful candied insides after all...just like a pinata.

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